Efter festen bredvid loggan
Guldbaggegalan 18 januari 2016, sänds i SVT


The Guldbagge Award. Photo: Johan Bergmark

The Guldbagge Award History

The Guldbagge Awards are Sweden’s leading film awards and have been presented since 1964 for outstanding contributions to Swedish film over the past year. In total around 450 Guldbagge Awards have been handed out over the years, and 19 Guldbagge Awards are now presented annually in the various categories.

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Guldbagge Award Categories

The Guldbagge Awards are divided into 19 categories including the Lifetime Achievement Award. The Gullspira children’s film award and the Audience Award are also presented at the Guldbagge Awards Ceremony.
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The Audience Award

The Audience Award is the cinemagoers’ award for the best Swedish film of the previous year and is presented at the Guldbagge Awards Ceremony.

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The Guldbagge Awards turns 50

In a country characterized by Lutheran zeal and social utopia, the nowadays-mandatory film gala appeared comparatively late. Not until 1964, Swedish filmmakers were first awarded for outstanding contributions. It took an inventive aristocrat, Vienna-born Jew Harry Schein, to make the Guldbagge Awards come true, soon after he created the National Film Agreement and the Swedish Film Institute. Read more

The Guldbagge Awards FAQs

When’s the next Guldbagge Awards Ceremony? What are the award categories? When were the first Guldbagge Awards presented? Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Guldbagge Awards here.
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