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When’s the next Guldbagge Awards Ceremony? What are the award categories? When were the first Guldbagge Awards presented? Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Guldbagge Awards here.

What are the Guldbagge Awards?
The Guldbagge Awards are Sweden’s leading film awards and are presented by the Swedish Film Institute for outstanding contributions to Swedish film over the past year.

When’s the next Guldbagge Awards Ceremony?
The Guldbagge Awards Ceremony for the films that premiered 2016 takes place on Monday 23 January 2017.

Where will the next Guldbagge Awards Ceremony be held?
The 2017 Guldbagge Awards Ceremony will be held at the Cirkus arena in Stockholm.

Can I watch the Guldbagge Awards Ceremony on TV?
The Guldbagge Awards Ceremony will be broadcast live on SVT 1.

What’s the Audience Award?
The Audience Award was established in 2006. The three Swedish films with the highest audience numbers are nominated for the Audience Award. The nominations are announced in mid-January. Swedish cinemagoers then choose the winner by voting by phone or text during the live broadcast of the Guldbagge Awards Ceremony on 23 January 2017.

What are the award categories?
The Guldbagge Awards are divided into 19 categories including the Lifetime Achievement Award. The Gullspira children’s film award, the Audience Award and Newcomer of the Year are also presented at the Guldbagge Awards Ceremony.

How can I see who’s won or whos been nominated  in a particular category over the years?
There is a list of all the Guldbagge Award winners and nominees in the Swedish Film Database.

Please note that the list criteria can be changed to show all years, all award categories and all nominees and/or winners.

Where can I find out how many Guldbagge Awards a particular film or person has won?
The Swedish Film Database shows how many Guldbagge Awards a film or person has won or been nominated for. Go to these pages by clicking on a winner or nominee in the complete Guldbagge Awards list, or by searching for the film or person using the Swedish Film Database search page.

When were the first Guldbagge Awards presented?
The first Guldbagge Awards were presented in September 1964 at a film gala. Ingmar Bergman was presented with the first Guldbagge for Best Director (for The Silence/Tystnaden) at the gala.

What is the award made of?
A Guldbagge weighs 1.2 kg and each award is hand-crafted in a complicated process where it is first chased in copper and then enamelled, before genuine gold is finally added.

Which artist created the Guldbagge?
Karl Axel Pehrson.

What films qualify for nomination?
Swedish feature-length fiction films and documentary films that had their premiere in the past calendar year and have a running time of at least 70 minutes can be nominated. The films must have been released in cinemas with public screenings for at least 7 days. For a film to be considered as Swedish it is required to have a Swedish main producer with a Swedish majority ownership, known as Swedish major. If a film would become in for consideration, it must be registered in Bioguiden by 15 November 2016.

How are the nominees selected?
A Nomination Committee appoints through a jury process which films and which persons should be nominated in Guldbaggen’s different categories. The Nomination Committee consists of 36 members who have extensive experience from the world of film. The members are divided into four jury groups and from there they discuss and decide three nominations in each category. The Nomination Committee appoints all the Guldbagge nominations.

The Nomination Committee elects all Guldbagge Award nominations except for the categories of Best Short Film, Best Documentary Film and Best Foreign Language Film, which have their own nominations groups.

How does the jury choose the winners and who’s on the jury?
A special jury chooses the winner from the three nominees in each category. The jury comprises eight members with extensive professional film experience. One of the members should be from another Nordic country. The members of the jury must observe confidentiality regarding the jury’s work.

The recipients of the Guldbagge Awards for Best Achievement and Newcomer of the Year are chosen directly by the jury, without nominations.

What venue has hosted the most Guldbagge Award Ceremonies?
The Cirkus arena in Stockholm.

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